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This gifset is a bit misleading. It doesn’t mention the part where he said he came to really appreciate the original series as an adult and has since watched all of the episodes. The writers he worked with are huge Star Trek fans. His philosophy was to try and make the movie accessible to everyone while still acknowledging the die hard fans. Whether he succeeded is a subjective opinion that you all can make on your own, but I think some folks are being unreasonable by judging him for the opinions of his youth. While I was a huge TNG fan as a kid, I also found the original series hard to watch until later in life. 

I have seen every single episode and movie of every Star Trek series ever made. I think the reboot was amazing and will bring a lot of new fans to the source material. Movies are supposed to be more spectacle and TV shows usually delve deeper into philosophy. I guess I’m hoping the success of the movies may lead to more television series so we can have the best of both worlds. 


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